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Dr Pippa Grange MAPS

Pippa Grange is a Doctor of Applied Psychology, working primarily within elite sport, in the areas of culture, ethics and leadership.

With over twelve years experience in the public and private sectors, Pippa has consolidated her career internationally as an expert in the field. She has worked with athletes and sports’ leaders, navigating some of the most challenging issues that confront modern sport and built a reputation as an invested enabler, advocate and challenger with a working philosophy based on service, action and influence.

Pippa was a Vincent Fairfax Fellow graduate (Ethics in Leadership) in 2010 through the St James Ethics Centre, NSW and founded her consultancy business Bluestone Edge that same year.

As Director of Bluestone Edge, she continues to work with some of the key brands in Australian and New Zealand sport, notably AFL Football, Rugby League and Olympic sport in the areas of people development, strategic leadership and governance, culture change projects, stakeholder engagement, policy development and the creation of high performing and functioning environments.

Pippa Grange also utilizes sport as a powerful forum for public conversations about how we live and has been involved in several sport and social justice initiatives including the early development of the respect and responsibility policy within AFL Football and ongoing advocacy for equal rights, anti-homophobia and reconciliation.

Pippa is an international keynote speaker on the culture and ethics of sport and supports organisations and leaders in sport to sustain their best performances whilst broadening the definition of sporting success.

Bluestone Edge has a small team of consultants and associates.


Errol Amerasekera

Errol Amerasekera has a Masters degree in Conflict Facilitation and Organisational Change and works primarily within elite sport, in the areas of culture, leadership and high-performance. He also has a B.Sci., a B.App.Sci. and is a Diplomate in Process Oriented Psychology.

Errol has over 15 years experience working as a consultant, trainer and senior facilitator. He has worked with organisations, schools, NGOs, as well as in international war zones such as Sri-Lanka.

In deciding to narrow his focus to working with elite level sport, he has partnered with Bluestone Edge founder Dr Pippa Grange on a number of key projects, including working with the Australian Olympic swim team after London 2012. He applies his business management experience to sports organisations in Australia and overseas to assist them to manage the complex and competing demands of delivering sustainable high-performance.

He believes that the sporting context provides a powerful forum for transformation in individuals and society by challenging us to continually be the best version of ourselves. He is passionate about creating a safer and more just world for all by mediating conflict, coaching ethical leadership, and facilitating transformation in individuals, elite teams and organisations.

Errol is a keynote speaker on the connection between leadership, culture and high-performance and the value of a human-centric and relationship focused approach to sustained success.


Jacki Bisset

Jacki Bisset has been with Bluestone Edge as Business Manager since its inception in 2010. With over twenty years’ experience in business management, event management and sales, particularly in sport, Jacki has a proven record of strong management capability, project development and execution, effective leadership and stakeholder engagement.

Jacki is very passionate about the connection sport has in building positive capacity in people and the community. With a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education), Jacki has worked as a venue, customer and membership manager in seven sports facilities in Australia and the UK including the 2006 Commonwealth Games and overseeing the set up and ongoing management of the first basketball specific facility in the UK.

Jacki’s expertise is in good systems, efficient solutions and most importantly, building relationships that lead to great collaborations and service.


Ella Girling

Ella Girling has extensive experience in Web Design and Management, IT and education. With a Bachelor of Science and Post Graduate Certificate in Education she has worked in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom in varied settings in positions including Web Designer and Content Manager, Project Officer, Contractor and IT Training Officer.

In 2009 Ella founded her own business and works as a consultant to small businesses. She designs, creates and manages websites and her particular expertise is in collaborating with her clients to create sophisticated, professional and user friendly web spaces that are effective marketing tools.