What is a sound culture?

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In basic terms, we might describe culture as an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behaviour that depends upon ourthe capacity to give meaning to symbols, for symbolic thought and our capacity for social learning; culture is something that happens between people. We might also see it as the set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterises an institution, organisation or group. A culture of excellence happens when those characteristics that are demonstrated day in and day out enable and inspire everyone in an organization to not only do their best, but to do what is right even when it is not easy.

When an organisation has ethics at its core, that is, an understanding of its framework of values, principles, commitments and, relationships and methods, and it understands what systems, processes or policies drive the framework, then it is more likely to express its culture clearly. It will be more obvious to people internally and externally ‘who you are’. This understanding will allow you to have the freedom, discipline and commitment that you need to perform at your absolute peak. What an organistion resists, and what it rewards, will drive culture.

Over the contracted period, Bluestone Edge will work with your organisation to ensure a sound and robust culture is developed without sacrificing optimal performance at any level. We focus firmly on building your capacity, not on doing it for you.

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