How we can help you build a sound culture?

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At Bluestone Edge, we work with a specifically developed model for whole-of-business cultural development, to optimize performance with ethics as a core theme – called the Culture-Performance Coaching (CPC) Model. We provide a range of services utilizing this model, such as:



Culture Performance Coaching (CPC)

CPC is a kind of organisational ‘integrity check’ across 8 modules that enables you to align what you say you want to be and what you actually do in order to help you to reach your target culture. CPC builds the capacity of your workforce to own and regulate culture. Once you have established your ‘highways’ (primary purpose and ethical framework) with senior leadership, CPC works on your ‘by-ways’ such as:

  • Products and services
  • Policies and procedures
  • Leading, coaching, managing
  • Populating the business
  • Developing and training
  • Supporting and controlling
  • Marketing and media relations
  • Responding to external forces

The process is guided by a ‘culture coach’ who works with the internal custodian (often HR) on developing a mature organisational conscience. This includes developing skills in leadership and influencing, and methodology and confidence in ethical decision- making and voicing your values.

The culture coach can also provide advocacy and guidance on ethical dilemmas the organisational leaders may face from time to time.


Culture Performance Coaching (athletes)

Culture Performance Coaching for athletes is about coaching athletes to turn their intentions for themselves and their group into action and outcomes. This involves exploring their thinking and decision making, and ‘auditing’ whether they are acting on their commitments. The work with senior athletes may be in small group settings, but the emphasis should be on high- impact, intimate work.

We also encourage athletes to consider and redefine what it is to be successful;, extending their performance focus beyond ‘winning’ and integrating holistic wellbeing in their performance approach.


Culture Planning and Business Alignment (CBP)

Culture planning should be seen as a critical organisational competence if you want to be able to bring culture to life in your organisation – the Culture Business Plan is central to developing such competence. The CBP needs to align with and be a part of the organisation’s strategic and business plan for optimal impact. We use a 5-step process to prioritise efforts, identify best opportunities, maximise scarce resources, benchmark and measure, and clearly communicate culture objectives. This planning process orients the organisation to action on change and improvement and reinforces standards of excellence.


Ethics Boot Camp

Boot camp is a series of learning and development experiences (a curriculum from which you can choose) that allows people to give voice to their values, act to enable not disable sound culture, have courageous conversations and make ethical choices in their personal and professional worlds.
Examples include:

  • What’s Up with That? Case studies in international sport and business
  • Dilemma busting exercises
  • The thought experiment
  • Pre-scripting responses to value conflicts
  • Decision making models
  • Playing to strengths; self-knowledge, self-image,alignment


Culture Roadworthy

For mature organisations that have invested in building a sound culture over some time, we offer a ‘roadworthy’ process that helps to evaluate the organisations cultural alignment with current business goals, practices and resources. This can be particularly useful during times of change, growth, new leadership, recovery from setback, or when priorities are shifting. The focus of the culture roadworthy is on what the organisation is and needs to be, does and needs to do, has and needs to have in order to stay successful. The output of the roadworthy is a hit list of actionable recommendations.

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