Our Ethical Leadership Program

Our Ethical Leadership Program is designed to help people consider the principles and values that underpin their actions.

At Bluestone Edge, we work through a number of processes and methods to develop ethical leaders that will always involve authentic learning, reflection and action. The ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of effective leadership, at all levels of the organisation and the individual, are explored. Our range of services include:

Ethical intelligence training is a unique process designed for senior leaders in organisations to introduce and explore concepts of ethical leadership, foundation beliefs, morals, values, principles, commitments, promises, relationships, and methods of work. EIT assists the leader to define their and ‘primary purpose’ from the personal, professional and community realms. The process culminates in the development of a cultural framework for the organisation, which becomes the anchor piece for decision-making and the development of excellence.

The player leadership template is an organisational ‘ DIY’ guide to building leadership capability among athletes in your organization. It covers the basic ‘job description’ of a player – leader, voting systems for player leadership groups, individual and group profiling and assessment, ‘critical actions’ template, guidance on value-based feedback and review, player-leadership case studies, decision-making models for working through difficult issues, and ‘success factors’ rating systems.

We offer specific one-on-one leadership support, guidance, mentoring and coaching to team captains as an adjunct to the player leadership template or independently.

We work very closely with individual coaches and coaching groups to optimize performance around coaching style, communications, narrative and high impact messages, leadership/management, analysis and creative thinking, feedback, teaching method, group dynamics, decision making, performance under pressure and coach well-being.

The emerging leaders program is an interactive, 6-module program for people with leadership aspirations. The focus is on teaching the skills and competencies of effective leadership across personal and professional zones, starting with the self and working up to leading others. The program utilizes ‘topic coaches’; familiar or highly regarded people who can speak with authority on specific aspects of leadership to give a relevant and real time experience to players.

The emerging leaders progam and the player leadership template are supported by an online Sports Leadership Resource Centre that includes books, articles, movies, videos and podcasts on the topic of international leadership in sport.

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