Bluestone Round up: Ethics in sport – 11 October 2013

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Ethics in Sport – Weekly Headlines

Welcome to the Bluestone Round up: Ethics in sport. Each week we put together a selection of stories from around the globe and categorise them under headings, like culture, racism, or leadership, to make it easier to zone in to the area of most interest. Looking for something in particular? Use our search facility on the right or view former editions of the Bluestone Round up by clicking on ‘Ethics in sport index’


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Drugs in sport: Study suggests children beginning to see them as normal    [ Drugs in sport ]


The reality of “Life after Sport”    [ Well-being ]


No Hot Spot for England after system is given out for Ashes in Australia    [ Ethics ]


Perspectives on the Regulation of Doping: Amending the WADA Code and the Utility of our Current Approach    [ Drugs in sport ]


Call for an increase in Paralympic recognition    [ Equality ]


AIS to target and train athletes from the pro codes of AFL, Rugby league, union and cricket for Olympic golds    [ Performance ]


Sports drugs tempt teens    [ Drugs in sport ]


I had to look myself in the mirror: SBW    [ Ethics ]


‘Changing the Score’: An Australia-Brazil Sport for Reconciliation Journey: October 2013    [ Sport/Social Change ]


Women referees create history    [ Women in sport ]


Players confront cricket’s crisis    [ Culture ]


Corene Strauss new Men of League CEO    [ Women in sport ]


How Professional Sports Teams Can Invest in Community Programming    [ Other Interesting Angles ]




How Sports Fans Engage With Social Media    [ Other interesting angles ]


How Professional Sports Teams Can Invest In Community Programming    [ Sport/Social Justice ]


#AllPlayersUnited: The Players Protest NCAA    [ Ethics ]


Orlando Cruz: The gay boxer who is breaking barriers    [ Homophobia ]


Why You Should Fill Your Company With ‘Athletes’    [ Other interesting angles ]


League of Denial: The NFL’s concussion crisis    [ Well-being ]




Afghanistan qualifies for 2015 World Cup    [ Sport/Social Change ]


No decision on World Cup 2020 dates until 2015, FIFA says    [ Well-being ]


Iran continues to build links with friendly against the USA    [ Sport/Social Change ]




Why sport needs to talk about its mental health secrets    [ Well-being ]


Doping violations double in Russia this year    [ Drugs in sport ]


FIFA has ‘ugly’ culture, claims ex-English FA chief David Triesman    [ Culture ]


Team sport athletes ‘less likely to use performance-enhancing drugs’    [ Drugs in sport ]


Lazio given Europa League fan ban for racism – UEFA    [ Racism ]


Tottenham fans ignore warnings over ‘offensive’ chant    [ Racism ]


How Charlotte Edwards overcame odds to be Ashes captain – a girl’s battle to play cricket    [ Women in sport ]


IFA use football to help tackle mental health problems    [ Well-being ]


FIFA plans league table of nations’ racism    [ Racism ]


Viewpoint: Have drug scandals actually made sport more interesting?    [ Drugs in sport ]


Spanish league wants life bans for match fixers    [ Match-fixing ]




Gambia: Sports Minister Calls for Unity in Sport    [ Ethics ]


Golf: Angel rules Uganda Ladies Open    [ Women in sport development ]



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