Bluestone Round up: Ethics in sport – 14 March 2013

Ethics in Sport – Weekly Headlines

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The monster we have unleashed must be chained    [ Drugs in sport ]


We are only human – lest we forget   [ Ethics ]


Video: the key issues from ACC report   [ Ethics ]


Drug testers swoop on pro surfing circuit   [ Drugs in sport ]

Australians assessing injuries to the head    [ Well-being ]


Racism off-side with Sports Commission    [ Racism ]


Cricket: Coaches ‘let issues reach crisis’    [ Culture ]


Australian coach Mickey Arthur reveals Test team culture problem    [ Culture ]


NRL: Darren Hibbert, aka ‘The Gazelle’, tells of car-park peptides sales    [ Drugs in sport ]


Olympic team to work on values for Rio Games    [ Culture ]


AFL raps NRL over doping ‘lobby’    [ Drugs in sport ]




NFL: Creating a legacy. Alex Smith gave his all off the field too.    [ Leadership ]


Should the NHL outlaw staged fights and enforce helmet visors?    [ Well-being ]


High school girl becomes state wrestling champion    [ Equality ]




Top basketball league apologizes for match-fixing scandal    [ Match-fixing ]


Young women golfers should first take it easy    [ Well-being ]




Match fixing in Europe – up to 1% of matches could be fixed – Video    [ Match-fixing ]


English boxer Curtis Woodhouse turns up on the doorstep of his Twitter troll    [ Ethics ]


Anti-doping expert criticises tennis’s attempts to step up test programme    [ Drugs in sport ]


Biological Passports Lead to Doping Inquiry    [ Drugs in sport ]




Apartheid was the spoke in South African cycling    [ Sport-social jusice ]


Uganda Approves Two Domestic Leagues    [ Ethics ]


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