Bluestone Round up: Ethics in sport – 16 August 2013

Ethics in Sport – Weekly Headlines

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Essendon drugs probe: AFLPA’s fury at Bombers    [ Drugs in sport ]


AFL’s new partnership – Be the influence – Tackle binge drinking initiative    [ Well-being ]


Athletics: Bannister banned for missing drug tests    [ Drugs in sport ]


Sudanese refugee makes AFL history    [ Equality ]


NRL: Maguire says players come before game    [ Well-being ]


Australian swim team has a new attitude, new motto and a hunger to restore its golden standing on the world stage    [ Culture ]


He’s the man with the mission of keeping sport clean    [ Drugs in sport ]


Sport Matters joins Gold Coast Recreation and Sport for a project in the Solomon Islands    [ Sport for development ]


No supplement is 100% safe, says UKA anti-doping educator    [ Drugs in sport ]


Women’s Ashes: Sarah Elliott has Southern Stars in a strong position in the Test against England    [ Women in sport ]


Leveling the Playing Field Part 2: Discusses the challenges faced by national sporting organisations, the role that Social Responsibility can play and the impact ‘Development Through Sport’ organisations can also play    [ Sport-social justice ]


NRL: Service to Refereeing finalists    [ Ethics ]


AFC and A-League to embrace Korean culture    [ Equality ]


AFL charges Bombers over supplements saga    [ Drugs in sport ]


Keep Australian sport honest – new elearning tool – to help understand what match-fixing is, it’s consequences, how to recognise it and report it.    [ Match-fixing ]


Mysterious bottle from Mexico sets off alarm    [ Drugs in sport ]


Human experimentation and ethics at Essendon Football Club    [ Ethics, Well-being ]




Clinton Portis sues NFL over concussions    [ Well-being ]


NFL Runs a Play in Fashion Magazines’ September Issues    [ Other interesting angles ]


World Championships: US runner Nick Symmonds speaks out against Russia’s anti-gay laws after winning silver in Moscow       [ Homophobia ]


HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ Shows How Far Football Culture Has To Go On Concussions    [ Well-being ]


How Social Media Has Transformed College Football Recruiting    [ Ethics ]


Kobe Bryant explains his work ethic and process to kids at a basketball camp    [ Ethics ]


RG3 says ‘now is the window’ for gay NFL players to come out    [ Homophobia ]




279 Indian athletes fail dope tests in two years    [ Drugs in sport ]


UK cricketer charged in BPL corruption    [ Match-fixing ]


Apologetic Mohammad Asif confesses to spot-fixing    [ Match-fixing ]


Celebrated Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar to recite Marathi poem promoting women’s rights    [ Sport-social justice ]–/top-stories/Sachin-Tendulkar-to-recite-Marathi-poem-promoting-womens-rights/articleshow/21723560.cms




Athletics drug-testing report a wake-up call, says Wada boss    [ Drugs in sport ]


Valencia’s decade long slow decline    [ Other interesting angles ]


IAAF president has ‘no problem’ with Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law    [ Homophobia ]


Italian footballer given 10-match ban for racism    [ Racism ]


World’s ‘most exclusive’ club admits women for first time in 200 years    [ Women in sport ]


Hot Spot inventor calls on ICC to ban protective coatings on bats    [ Ethics ]


FA chairman Greg Dyke predicts 2022 Qatar World Cup will be in winter    [ Well-being ]


IOC nominate Reedie to be head of WADA    [ Drugs in sport ]


Sochi Olympics: Rogge asks Russia to clarify gay law    [ Homophobia ]


Expansion of technology to help referees inevitable, says FA chairman   [ Ethics ]


World’s top athletes fail to attract Russian fans    [ Other interesting angles ]


Kelly-Ann Baptiste and Semoy Hackett miss Moscow due to ‘doping matters’    [ Drugs in sport ]


Football unites racism divides: Laurie Cunningham’s inspirational visit to Sheffield’s African-Caribbean Community   [ Racism ]


Agents reveal culture of backhanders to ‘middle men’ that’s now commonplace in British football    [ Ethics ]


Women’s cycling: we’re creating our own history    [ Women in sport ]


Must-watch video from Former NBA star John Amaechi on ‘Integrity in sport and coaches who bully’    [ Integrity ]


Tears of a defender – how Fortuna Düsseldorf fans broke their own player    [ Ethics ]


Winning is everything for fans – or is it?    [ Ethics ]


Gary Neville salutes grassroots at National Football Day    [ Culture ]


Polish champions Legia ordered to close stand over racist behaviour    [ Racism ]


Homeless World Cup: “I’ve never felt so alive in my life. I’ve never felt anything like this.” – One players story…   [ Sport-social justice ]


Creative Team Cultures: How Spanish football put the ‘I’ back in team    [ Culture ]




Kenya acknowledges growing doping problem    [ Drugs in sport ]


Wanyama shirt drives Kalingalinga FC towards much needed bus    [ Sport for development ]


SA’s ‘Hulk’ not interested in winning money    [ Ethics ]


South African Rugby Union will introduce a racial quota system in its domestic competition next year to encourage more black players    [ Ethics ]


World Cup 2010: South Africa leaves a World Cup legacy to remember    [ Ethics ]


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