Bluestone Round up: Ethics in sport – 17 May 2013

Ethics in Sport – Weekly Headlines

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Game over: Indigenous athletes transitioning out of sport – study looks at life after a pro sports career    [ Other angles]


Pathway to the Podium – research looking at how pathways of elite athletes differed from lesser skilled athletes   [ Performance ]


Women in line to join AFL ranks   [ Women in sport ]


Criminals pose as sponsors to tap clubs: ACC  [ Ethics -gambling ]


AFL: Majak Daw shows we’ve come a long way on racism, but the journey is far from complete    [ Racism ]


Neymar is the world’s most marketable sportsman, Ellyse Perry the most marketable Australian athlete    [ Other angles ]


Making a difference – sport changing lives    [ Fairness, justice, well-being ]


Children lose under win-at-all-cost coaches    [ Culture, well-being ]


Dr Pippa Grange is in Vancouver speaking at Olympic Excellence Series, building team unity, hosted by COC    [ Culture ]


Play the ball, not the man    [ Ethics ]


Being a mum is a contact sport    [ Women in sport ]


Former Queensland and Wallaby star Ben Tune opens up on his battle with depression which led to a suicide attempt    [ Well-being ]


AFL Players ask fans not to shirk the issue #FOOTY4IDAHO    [ Homophobia ]


ACC wants three years’ jail for drugs    [ Drugs in sport ]


Australian stars launch netball education app    [ Ethics ]


Swimming: James Magnussen believes a bonding camp has helped repair Australia’s swim team rift    [ Culture ]


Bachar Houli: footy and faith    [ Equality ]




Introducing Goalball, Cal’s most inclusive sport – players blindfolded    [ Equality ]


What matters: leadership, data analysis, culture    [ Leadership, culture ]


Hidden threats to young athletes – cardiac incidence and heat stroke    [ Well-being ]


It’s just another hurdle for blind athletes’ – severely visually impaired athletes pole vault in able-bodied competition    [ Equality ]
It’s just another hurdle for blind athletes’ – severely visually impaired athletes pole vault in able-bodied competition




Cricket: Spot-fixing arrests rock IPL – 3 Indian cricketers, including Test quick Sreesanth, have been arrested    [ Match-fixing ]


India to be back in Olympic fold soon, sports minister Jitendra Singh says    [ Ethics ]




Bernie Ecclestone F1 future under cloud as bribery charges are prepared    [ ]


FA’s respect campaign – video – Ray calls for respect    [ Fairness ]


David Beckham: the football star who outshone his sport    [ Other angles ]


Milan and Roma bosses condemn racist chants towards Balotelli – video   [ Racism ]


London 2012: Meares, Pendleton bury the cycling hatchet    [ Other angles ]


Andrew Simpson: America’s Cup chiefs to investigate capsize    [ Well-being ]




Levelling the Playing Field for Women in Sport    [ Equality ]


Refugees in Cameroon can now play on new sport fields    [ Sport for development ]


New South African Community Initiative, grassroots soccer and life skills    [ Sport for development ]

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