Bluestone Round up: Ethics in sport – 21 February 2013

Ethics in Sport – Weekly Headlines

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Swimming: Team culture needs overhaul: reports    [ Culture ]


AFL: Kicking Homophobia Out   [ Homophobia ]


AFL: Demons cleared, guilty fined   [ Match-fixing ]


AFL: Tanking saga leaves us with more questions  [ Match-fixing ]

AFL: Dons postpone meeting with parents    [ Ethics ]


Brakes on good old days of F1′s gas-guzzling excess    [ Culture ]


f it looks like a tank, sounds like a tank and acts like a tank, it’s a tank   [ Match-fixing ]


NRL clubs pledge united approach to anti-doping    [ Drugs in sport ]


Probe into gambling a good idea? You bet!    [ Ethics - gambling ]


Police fed up with football violence    [ Ethics ]




‘Football is for the living’: Unsporting and controversial goal as striker scores after goalkeeper collapses    [Integrity ]


U.S. Players Rally Behind Robbie Rogers on Twitter    [ Homophobia ]


Column: Unrepentant NCAA tells Miami: ?Do as we say. Forget about what we do.?    [ Integrity ]


Lance Armstrong has chosen not to be interviewed under oath by Usada    [ Drugs in sport ]


College Sports: Leading Off: A Push and a Shove    [ Ethics ]




Match-fixing and bribery in Chinese football are endemic, sport insiders say    [ Match-fixing ]


China produces most raw materials for sports drugs, says anti-doping chief    [ Drugs in sport ]


Olympics to prompt Asia’s first drug tests    [ Drugs in sport ]


AFC, INTERPOL begin seminar on match-fixing “cancer”    [ Match-fixing ]




The experts leading the fight against match-fixing    [ Match-fixing ]


Cycling: Spain ramps up fight against doping    [ Drugs in sport ]


Robbie Rogers: Ex-Leeds United and USA winger reveals he is gay    [ Homophobia ]


The Football Lawyer: Gary Neville, football agents and how excess can be curbed    [ Ethics - salary/revenue ]




Athletics drug cheats will follow Lance Armstrong down    [ Drugs in sport ]


Baseball secures home in Uganda    [ Sport for development ]


Police deploy to contain racist Israeli football supporters    [ Racism ]


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