Bluestone Round up: Ethics in sport – 21 June 2013

Ethics in Sport – Weekly Headlines

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Bulldogs and Collingwood pay tribute to those with disabilities    [ Equality ]


NRL rocked by further police charges   [ Ethics ]


Indecent assault charge for NRL star    [ Ethics ]


AFL: Milne faces four charges of rape   [ Ethics ]


NRL: Fight bans to increase baiting, says Bird    [ Integrity ]


Bystander action on preventing race-based discrimination    [ Racism ]


How sport has sold its soul and players to the alcohol industry    [ Integrity ]


Disadvantaged Kids Missing Out on Sport nbsp;  [ Equality ]


Players, supporters united in an Aussie rules’ multicultural cause    [ Culture ]


Mal slams media as integrity unit finds no case to answer    [ Integrity ]


Gold Coast’s Campbell Brown, a notoriously tough player, is making it his mission to deliver a very delicate message   
[ Fairness, Justice, Well-being ]


Tim Cahill’s next goal: inspiring a generation    [ Leadership ]


Socceroos FIFA World Cup Qualifier creates broadcast records    [ Leadership ]


NRL: Pritchard’s wife ‘racially abused’ by fans   [ Racism ]


NRL: Bad few are wrecking game for future: Smith    [ Culture ]


Cricket Australia to overhaul player behaviour code    [ Culture ]




Brazil World Cup Puzzle Is What to Do With Stadiums at End    [ Sport-social justice ]


Rape charges filed against three Naval Academy football players    [ Ethics ]


New WTEF tennis center caters to youth – its goal to leverage the lessons of tennis to instill essential life skills – academic competence, confidence, self-determination and a vision of a productive future.    [ Sport-social justice ]


FIFA considers scrapping 3-D coverage of World Cup    [ Other interesting angles ]


Do no harm: Retired NFL players endure a lifetime of hurt    [ Fairness, justice, well-being ]


High-Stakes Games: Critical Step for Suit Seeking Payment for College Athletes    [ Fairness ]


Usain Bolt’s Jamaica team-mate Veronica Campbell-Brown fails drug test    [ Drugs in Sport ]


Spurs and the Heat Show the Rewards of Continuity    [ Leadership ]


NFL: Rookies to hear about sexuality    [ Homophobia ]


NCAA: A push to invigorate women’s basketball    [ Women in sport ]




Those who ignore racism are bad sports    [ Racism ]


Post-disaster response: The role of sport in psychosocial support    [ Sport for development ]


Stringent punishment for Indian players involved in ‘fixing’ on the cards    [ Match-fixing ]




IPC to live stream Athletics World Championships    [ Equality ]


Ernst and Young Global Survey Reveals Critical Role Sports Play for Female Executives in Leadership Development and Teamwork in Business    [ Women in Sport ]


Australian former Wimbledon champ Pat Cash says women should play five sets    [ Women in Sport ]


Lack of progress in safety provisions frustrating America’s Cup in wake of Andrew Simpson death    [ Well-being ]–americas-cup-in-wake-of-andrew-simpson-death-8660928.html


Forty years on, how Billie Jean King led the revolution that propelled women to greater equality    [ Women in Sport ]


Barcelona forward Lionel Messi summoned to court over 3.4m tax fraud allegations    [ Ethics ]




South Africa: Banyana Introduced to ‘I Play Fair, Say No to Doping’ Campaign    [ Drugs in sport ]


Nigeria: More Important Than Football    [ Fairness, justice, well-being ]


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