Bluestone Round up: Ethics in sport – 22 November 2012

Ethics in Sport – Weekly Headlines

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The AFL has confirmed Carlton player Chris Judd’s third party deal with VISY, now no longer fits within Carlton’s salary cap. This will change the scenario for many other players and clubs.    [ Ethics - Salary ]


Jockey Damien Oliver is banned from racing for 10 months after pleading guilty to two charges of illegal betting and using a mobile phone at the track. There is ongoing speculation that this is the tip of the iceberg in racing.   [ Ethics - gambling ]


The ARL Commission has decided to outlaw the shoulder charge, to reduce the risk of serious injury to Rugby League players. Talks are underway to ensure the ban world-wide, but some players are not embracing the change.   [ Well-being ]


Adelaide Crows relinquish first two draft picks in a gesture of goodwill as the club faces AFL penalites over the Tippet salary cap breach  [ Ethics - salary ]




The President of the World Anti-Doping Agency, John Fahey, claims there is considerable support for a proposal to extend the competition ban to athletes for first doping offenses, from two to four years. This would ensure that athletes caught would be banned from at least one Olympics.    [ Drugs in Sport ]


Eline Oidvin, a 35 year old Norwegian woman with limited sight and a mother of two, did not let the last minute cancellation of the New York Marathon, due to Hurricane Sandy, prevent her from running a different marathon that weekend with the help of a new friend.    [ Integrity ]




Japanese students have written essays about the healing and transformational role sport can play following the 2011 Tsunami catastrophe. Ryo Sato, a basketballer, has written his essay about the grief of the tsunami and the joy of basketball.   
[ Well-being ]




The spectacular goal by Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a magic moment in football but Sports Commentator of the Year Simon Barnes cites that not every aspect of the sport, such as racism, can be championed with confidence.    [ Racism ]


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