Bluestone Round up: Ethics in sport – 4 October 2013

Ethics in Sport – Weekly Headlines

Welcome to the Bluestone Round up: Ethics in sport. Each week we put together a selection of stories from around the globe and categorise them under headings, like culture, racism, or leadership, to make it easier to zone in to the area of most interest. Looking for something in particular? Use our search facility on the right or view former editions of the Bluestone Round up by clicking on ‘Ethics in sport index’


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Australian Olympic Committee to send more psychologists to Rio Olympics to help athletes    [ Well-being ]


Aus drugs crisis sparks supplements summit    [ Drugs in sport ]


Champion coach – interview with Annie Davies    [ Women in sport ]


‘Leaders lead through action, not talk’    [ Leadership ]


New Zealand: Integrity unit to join in battle to beat cheats    [ Integrity ]


NRL: One Community Award Winners!    [ Other interesting angles ]


Victorian Multicultural Community Ambassador of the Year    [ Equality ]


Declan Hill says a united front of FIFA, IOC and governments can help eliminate match fixing    [ Match-fixing ]


Wallabies tear up O’Connor contract    [ Ethics ]


Cricket stars credit volunteers    [ Ethics ]


Gay soccer tournament to challenge homophobia in sport    [ Homophobia ]


Greystanes woman named National AFL Multicultural Community Ambassador of the Year    [ Equality ]


Push to honour female athletes at Adelaide Oval    [ Women in sport ]


Peggy O’Neal becomes first woman president in AFL/VFL history: Richmond Tigers    [ Women in sport ]




The people vs NFL welfare    [ Ethics ]


Jamaican soccer international Hue banned for doping    [ Drugs in sport ]


Football unites politicians to end violence against women    [ Sport/social change ]


Government of Canada Supports First Ever Wheelchair Basketball Academy    [ Equality ]


What football managers can teach you about leadership    [ Leadership ]




Will introducing reservation in cricket level the playing field?    [ Equality ]


Tough workouts lead to victory on the court, but a responsible attitude makes one a champion in life    [ Ethics ]


One Win Leads to Another    [ Sport/Social Change ]


Srinivasan re-elected as BCCI chief    [ Ethics ]




Kick It Out chairman Lord Ouseley outlines progress of campaign    [ Racism ]


Deco handed year ban for doping    [ Drugs in sport ]


Neymar’s shameful conduct ridicules spirit of fair play    [ Ethics ]


Ramblings Of A Women’s Football Fan    [ Women in sport ]
Ramblings Of A Women’s Football Fan


Fifa head of ethics to gather World Cup 2018 and 2022 bid evidence    [ Ethics ]
Fifa head of ethics to gather World Cup 2018 and 2022 bid evidence


Women’s Super League: Liverpool beat Bristol to win title    [ Women in sport ]


Eliminating ’scary coach’ behaviour to keep kids in sport    [ Well-being ]


FIFpro calls on EU to step in to protect players and stop criminal activity    [ Well-being ]


David Flatman: Football clubs need to put culture before personality    [ Culture ]


Realities of football match-fixing – case Finland    [ Match-fixing ]


Sport for All Makes Us More Fully Human    [ Equality ]




Kenya athletes run amok    [ Performance ]


Ugandan Women Put On Their Boxing Gloves    [ Ethics ]


Malawi intensifies battle against doping in sport: Unesco trains 30 sport managers    [ Drugs in sport ]


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