Bluestone Round up: Ethics in sport – 7 February 2013

Ethics in Sport – Weekly Headlines

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The blackest day in Australian sport’ – Probe finds widespread use of drugs in sport, crime links    [ Drugs in sport ]


Essendon reels over mystery supplement, as ASADA is called in   [Drugs in sport ]


Cricket: Bowler probe throws up tricky issue   [ Ethics ]


It’s time for AFL and NRL to clean up acts and introduce blood passports before another premiership is tainted   [ Drugs in sport ]




Lance Armstrong: Fuller fights to fix cycling’s doping culture    [ Drugs in sport ]


Commissioner David Stern says ‘we’re well on our way’ to HGH testing in the NBA    [ Drugs in sport ]


Promotions company says it will sue Armstrong on Thursday to recover $12 million    [ Drugs in sport ]


Baseball: Ryan Braun defends himself against PED suspicions again    [ Drugs in sport ]




Facing the ugly side of the beautiful game in Asia    [ Match-fixing ]


Video: Inspiring Afghan boy’s Paralympic dreams    [ Equality ]


S. Korean golfer Choi Kyoung-ju wins award for charity work    [ Sport-social justice ]




Match-fixing: Debrecen confirm Liverpool investigation    [ Match-fixing ]


Match-fixing: How gambling is destroying sport    [ Match-fixing ]


Winter Olympics: Human Rights Watch report on migrant labour abuse at Sochi – video    [ Other angles ]


Cycling: Rasmussen: I am a cheat and a liar    [ Drugs in sport ]


Mario Balotelli at centre of racism storm after Berlusconi Jnr calls him ‘the family’s little n****’    [ Racism ]





Ghana and Nigeria reap bonuses    [ Ethics - salary/revenue ]


Football: Keshi: Africa doesn’t need mediocre white coaches    [ Culture ]


Malians thirst for home updates    [ Sport-social justice ]


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