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Research tells us that people want to act when they hear or see racist, homophobic, sexist or bullying behaviour, but they just aren’t sure how. How can we change this?

Bluestone Edge’s ‘Voice 2 Values’ (V2V) resources help you to speak your values out loud and make a positive difference within your work or sporting environment.

The V2V resources are part of a module-based program based on the work of and endorsed by Mary Gentile of Babson College, USA (www.givingvoicetovalues.org). The ‘Giving Voice to Values’ program, a pioneering approach to values-driven leadership, was founded by leading international institutions – Yale School of Management, Aspen Institute and Babson College. It is used in educational and business settings across the globe.

The Bluestone Edge V2V program includes a variety of engaging exercises, activities and resources to help people develop their ‘moral muscle’ by planning, strategising and practicing voicing and acting on their values. The V2V courses are delivered through a journey of facilitation, reflection and discussion.

Most people know right from wrong, but not every one can act on it; V2V will show you how. See our V2V motiongraphic video below or download our flyer for more details.

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